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AV for u-he Diva Demystified description
u-he Diva is a hungry synth! Hungry to produce the most retro synth sounds of the not-so-distant past. Dig into this deep, Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analog synthesizer with synthesist, Rishabh Rajan, and see how you can bring the sounds of the past rushing back to the present!...

u-he designs some the world*s most extraordinary virtual instruments. DIVA their Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analog synthesizer is no exception.

In this course, by expert synthesist and producer Rishabh Rajan, you dive deep into DIVA and discover the synth sounds that its industrial circuit simulators produce. You get a detailed tour of DIVA*s retro interface with its view options and skins. Then you learn all about its array of virtual oscillators that combine to create some formidable sonic sounds. Rajan shows you how to create Moog, Roland, Korg simulations as you push the oscillators through DIVA*s banks of extraordinary, complex filters.

Next up are the extensive Envelopes with their flexible staging, the programmable Modulators, the extensive effects and Global controls.

Then, in a final flourish, Rishabh makes DIVA*s powerful tools come together as he so expertly reverse engineers a complex synth patch!

In this course you learn a ton about DIVA with the added bonus of attending a Rishabh Rajan synthesis masterclass! It*s really two courses for the price of one!

Table of contents:

1. Introduction to the Course
2. Various View OPartions & Skins
3. Overview of Sections in Diva
4. Patches Tab & Organization
5. Triple VCO - Part 1
6. Triple VCO - Part 2
7. Dual VCO - Part 1
8. Dual VCO - Part 2
9. DCO
10. Dual VCO eco
11. The Feedback Options
12. The High Pass Filters
13. Ladder Filter
14. Cascade Filter
15. Multimode Filter
16. Bite Filter
17. The ADS & Analog Envelopes
18. The Digital Envelope
19. LFO - Part 1
20. LFO - Part 2
21. The VCO
22. Filter & Feedback
23. Alternate Modifiers
24. Chorus and Flanger
25. The Delay
26. The Plate
27. Using the Rotary
28. Master Controls
29. Tuning, Amplifier & Pan
30. VCO Voice Detune
31. Voice Map Modulator & Other Controls
32. Reverse Engineering a Patch

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