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Binder description
Music sheets organizer and iTunes player
===== Be sure to also take a look at Binder 2 =====


View your PDF files as sheets in a Binder.
- No need to deal with multiple screens.
- PDF files of a given folder becomes sheets of a single binder.

Quickly retrieve your songs.
- Binder is always in A«SearchA» mode.
- Type few characters or use arrow keys to find a sheet.
- No need to activate a search field. Binder is always ready.
- Assign up to 8 binders to 8 folders of your choice.
- Switch between binders using A«Cmd-1A» to A«Cmd-8A» shortcuts.
- There is also an A«Auto-BookmarkA» feature.

Control iTunes.
- Binder automatically match the corresponding songs in iTunes when you use the integrated remote control.
- Continuous Play (can be set from the menu)

Sort your song by title or author.
- Simply click on the A«SortA» button or press on the A«TabA» key to switch to a different sort order (Tite or Author).

No library to maintain.
- Binder build its own indexes according to the name of your PDF files.
- Please read the user manual to get more information about the suggested naming conventions.

Complete integration with your favorite applications.
- Print, Mail, Preview your files directly from Binder.
- All these features are integrated to the main menu of Binder.

Binder is a must for all musicians who must carry binders of music sheets.

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    Mac OS X 10.5
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