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Clover Chord Systems

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Clover Japon
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Clover Chord Systems description
Clover Chord Systems will help you to make a musical chart/lead sheet with easy steps. This app is for both professionals and beginners.

All the musicians want to hand in their chart/lead sheet that's neat and easy to read. Clover Chord Systems help you to make a beautiful, printable chord chart by few easy steps for all the Manual-Haters.

Every input can be done by clicking and dragging. All you need to do is simply choose chords from Chord Pallet, and create rhythm slashes by Visual Matrix Palette. This interface is as simple and easy as writing on a piece of paper, and it*s even better when you print it out!
If you are having hard time learning how to use the existing expensive software, this app can save you so much time, and it will let you write any charts so much freely.

The chord charts you created are printable and can be saved as PDF.
Need to transpose it for your whimsy vocal? No problem. Set the key, click *Transpose,* and send it to your musicians by Email!

Just download and try it! We made it so easy to use, you probably don't need to read a manual, because we know musicians hate manuals! Clover Chord System is created by musicians, who want to make a chart as quick as possible, that looks neat, clean, and professional!
The interface and function are created based on professional musicians needs and wants.

a?»Chords can be input as fast as writing on a paper, or can be even faster. It had to be dramatically faster and free compared to the existing software.

a?»You can input any chords by within three clicks. Choose a root, quality, and tensions from the Chord Pallet. We call this "3 steps mode." Also, if you are using diatonic chords to a few non-diatonic chords, you only need to click root of chords, and this app will do the rest for you. This is called "1 step mode." The Chord Pallet analyzes the key of the chart you are making, and inputs possible chords based on the analysis.

a?»Once you chose chords, it'll stay on your "History*, allowing you to input with a single click from then on.

a?»Slashes and rhythmic notation can be made just like by drawing a rhythmic figure. Easy to input what you want to write intuitively.

a?»Layout, such as moving chords, slashes, and bars, can be done easily by just clicking and dragging.

a?»Quick access to create single line to multiple stave with a bracket.

a?»D.S.(dal segno), coda, and other rehearsal marks can be added and moved as you like. The size of it is adjustable by dragging.

a?»Syncopated chord in 8th or 16th, known as an anticipation, or so called "push," can be written in by dragging.

a?»You can cut and paste, transpose the key, and set how many times you want to repeat. This is useful feature in section repeat, key change & repeat.

a?»You can use any font with Free Text Tool.
A wave (~) or an arrow(a†’) can be stretched or resized by dragging, just like handwriting.

a?»At first, your lead sheet is *blank* just like a regular manuscript paper.
It's so close to handwriting. You can begin writing from wherever you want, not like other software. No bar lines or rest marks are there as a default. Place bars, notes, and rests wherever you want to write in.

It let you transpose key a lot easier and faster than handwriting. You can transpose it quickly even on your rehearsal.

a?»Note Palette is for quick access to write in simple phrases.
Intro melody line, interlude phrasing, or partial unison line can be written in just by drag & dropping notes from Note Palette. Following note editing is available; placing notes, beaming, flipping stems and setting stem length, and so on. Although note input is NOT main thing for this app, this little feature is quite useful. Well, we found some problems already, but those will be fixed eventually!

Commonly asked questions can be solved by our royal customers/fans on our website.

Clover doesn't support MIDI keyboard input, or play sound from your leadsheet.

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Clover Chord Systems
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