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Course For Combinator description
3 hours of videos that will show you how to use the Combinator in exciting new ways for bigger synths, better beats, and masterful remixes!

Of all the instruments and FX in Reason, and Record, no other device is as simple, powerful, and yet as mysterious as the Combinator.

In this tutorial, G.W. Childs, one of the original Combinator sound designers for Reason 3 and Reason 4 will give you step by step examples detailing the A?a‚¬E?ins and outsA?a‚¬a„? of the Combinator, while showing you how to create powerful, new Combinators using hot new instruments like Kong.

You'll get in-depth examples of how to design your own elaborate and powerful instruments by combining instruments and FX together. Additionally, youA?a‚¬a„?ll learn how to create your own FX presets by combining loads of different FX devices. YouA?a‚¬a„?ll even get cool examples in how to remix your own tracks using the Combinator!

This course also includes an exclusive Refill collection designed by G.W. exclusively for this course. You can use its presets to follow along, or just use the performance Combinators, drum Combinators, and FX Combinators for your own musical creations.

Think of this tutorial as a Combinator cookbook, giving you examples in how to build beastly audio pies that are not only savory, but killer!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Installing the Refill
3. Creating your own Combinator Faceplate
4. The Rack within the Combinator
5. Understanding the Combinator Front Panel
6. A Tour of the Combinator Programmer
7. The Back of the Combinator
8. The Importance of Naming Devices in the Combinator
9. Planning your Combinator
10. Integrating a Matrix in to a Synth Combinator
11. How to remove Programmer Settings from the Combinator
12. Assigning the Matrix to Combinator Rotaries
13. Mixing a Synthesizer Combinator
14. Wrapping up a Synth Combinator with FX
15. Introduction to Drum Machine Combinators
16. Understanding Keyzones in the Combinator for Drums
17. Working with Multiple Matrixes for Drum Combinators
18. Creating Matrix Patterns for Drums in a Combinator
19. Assigning Rotaries and Buttons for Drum Machine Com...
20. Mixing your Drum Combinator
21. Setting up a Mod Wheel Assignment for Drum Combinator
22. Introduction to using Combinators for Ambience and ...
23. Setting up Sound Sources for your Combinator - Part 1
24. Setting up Sound Sources for your Combinator - Part 2
25. Using Rotaries and Buttons to Mix and Cue your Soun...
26. Setting up FX within your Ambient Combinator
27. Introduction to Performance Based Combinators
28. Setting up a Dr Rex within a Combinator
29. Setting up Synths within a Performance Combinator
30. Program Synths and Keysplits for a Performance Comb...
31. Using other Sources in the Programmer for Performan...
32. Mixing a Performance Combinator
33. Arpeggiator Tweaks and Demonstration of Performance...
34. Introduction to Remixing with the Combinator
35. Remixing a Song with the Combinator - Part 1
36. Remixing a Song with the Combinator - Part 2
37. Creating a Combinator Multi-FX Unit for DJs - Part 1
38. Creating a Combinator Multi-FX Unit for DJs - Part 2
39. Creating a Combinator Multi-FX Unit for DJs - Part 3
40. Creating a Combinator Multi-FX Unit for DJs - Part 4
41. Creating a Combinator Multi-FX Unit for DJs - Part 5
42. Creating a Drum Replacement unit for Live Drums 1
43. Creating a Drum Replacement unit for Live Drums 2
44. Conclusion to the Combinator Series

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Course For Combinator
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