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Course For Logic Master Class

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Course For Logic Master Class description
Learn advanced Logic Pro techniques including Beat Mapping, Groove Templates, Markers, Delay Compensation and more with Steve H!

How much would you pay to take a Master Class with a Logic pro like Steve H? It typically costs a few hundred dollars for this type of education - but you can have it now for $19.99 ... and there's no need to travel to a university, because you can watch this Master Class on your very own computer!

In this advanced Logic Pro Master Class by Steve H you'll learn some incredible skills for working with beats and other recorded audio files, including Beat Mapping, Fixing & Quantizing recorded audio, Automatic Beat Replacement, adding Swing and Groove to audio recordings, Using Markers, and (best of all?) how to use the Transform Window!

This is an incredibly detailed and in-depth tutorial on some seriously under-utilized features of Logic. But once you see this tutorial, you'll be using these features all the time to speed-up and enhance your music production workflow.

For a full list of the topics covered, check out the Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents:

01. Exploring the Global Tempo Track
02. Real Time vs Musical Time
03. It Should Be Called Grid Mapping!
04. Beat Mapping Midi
05. Where Can You Beat Map?
06. Beat Mapping: Before and After
07. Beat Mapping Audio
08. BM From Region A?a‚¬* You're The Conductor
09. Protecting Midi Position
10. The DrummerA?a‚¬a„?s Gone (Now What?)
11. Removing Ghosts by Stripping Silence
12. Advanced Stripping (Dirty Mind!)
13. Quantizing Audio Regions
14. Making Equal Cuts/Doubling a Part
15. Flex Editing Promo
16. Audio to Score/Replacing the Kick
17. Advanced Beat Replacement
18. Automatic Drum Replacement and Doubling
19. Swinging Audio Regions
20. Re-Grooving Audio Regions
21. Quantizing Unstripped Audio Regions
22. The Song
23. The Marker Global Track
24. Creating Markers
25. More Ways to Create Markers
26. Even More Ways to Create Markers
27. On the Fly Markers
28. The Marker List
29. Naming Markers
30. Coloring Markers
31. Editing and Deleting Markers
32. Navigating With Markers
33. Marker Production Notes
34. Marker Key Commands
35. Extended vs. Advanced Region Parameters
36. The Basic Region Parameters
37. Quantize Swing
38. Quantize Strength
39. Humanizing Swing
40. Defining Quantize Range
41. Making Flams or Strums
42. Realistic Strums
43. Groove Template Parameters!
44. Making Parameters Permanent
45. Transform Geography Overview
46. Where is It?
47. Un-Natural Selection!
48. Transform in the Piano Roll
49. Transform Modes
50. Narrowing Selections
51. Narrowing Selections Even More
52. Suppose I Explain Subposition
53. Understanding Operations
54. Humanizing (IgorA?a‚¬a„?s Dream Come True)
55. Making Crescendos
56. Transforming Midi CCs
57. Transforming in the Arrange
58. What Causes Latency in Native Systems?
59. Plug In Delay Compensation Explained (PDC)
60. How and When to Use PDC
61. PDC in Action
62. Low Latency Mode Demystified
63. Low Latency Mode in Action

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Course For Logic Master Class
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