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Course For Pro Tools 10 105 - Exploring Midi

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Nonlinear Educating Inc.
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Course For Pro Tools 10 105 - Exploring Midi description

MIDI is the virtual heartbeat of every DAW. Explore MIDI in Pro Tools 10 in these AVID Learn Partner tutorial-videos with Pro Tools Certified Trainer Mike Watkinson...

If you*re looking to get MIDI knowledge, is the right place. In this collection of 45 AVID Learning Partner tutorial-videos by MIDI-Maestro Mike Watkinson, you*ll learn everything there is to know about MIDI in Pro Tools 10. Mike is Pro Tools certified. Not only does he know MIDI inside and out, he is a natural at teaching it!

After a Quick Start Introduction you dive right into MIDI set-up. You*ll learn how to enable tacks and set all the defaults for tempo, meter and key. Next is a section on MIDI recording: after Mike shows you how to set a count-off, and then dives into MIDI Merging, Loop Recording and more. This is followed by a series of videos about Pro Tools* instruments: how to set them up and get them making some killer sounds!

Like audio, editing MIDI is an art. But it*s a bit different because you*re editing data instead of audio. This allows you to approach editing in a basic, note-driven musical way. Mike gives a great explanation of Pro Tools 10*s Smart Tool and the many different editing windows where MIDI can be viewed and edited, depending on the type of project and situation. This series of tutorial-videos concludes with a section on quantizing and how it can be customized depending upon the editing window and the desired results.

Whether you're looking to get AVID Certification or just want to know more about MIDI, take in your MIDI education right here at macProVideo.coma€”an AVID Learning Partnera€”and learn all about making MIDI in Pro Tools 10.

Check out all of*s AVID Learning Partner Pro Tools 10 tutorials and our ever-expanding collection of advanced Pro Tools tutorials by Grammy Award-winning engineers, industry pros and AVID Certified Pro Tools instructors.

Table of Contents:

01. Introduction
02. MIDI Quick Start 1: getting an idea down
03. MIDI Quick Start 2: editing and templates
04. MIDI Basics
05. MIDI in Pro Tools
06. Creating MIDI compatible tracks
07. Timebases: Samples vs. Ticks
08. Timebase Rulers and Conductor Rulers
09. Section 1 Review
10. Setting up for MIDI recording
11. Enabling Input Devices and MIDI Thru
12. Checking MIDI Ins and Outs
13. Using Tap Tempo
14. Setting the Default Tempo
15. Setting the Default Meter
16. Setting the Default Key
17. Section 2 Review
18. Loading an Instrument and MIDI Thru
19. Using the Pencil Tool with MIDI Notes
20. Recording with Count-off
21. Recording with MIDI Merge
22. Recording with Wait for Note
23. More on Clicking in Notes
24. Loop Recording MIDI with Loop Playback
25. Using Input Quantize
26. Section 3 Review
27. Using XPand!2: Parts and Patches
28. Using XPand!2: Editing Patches
29. Using Boom
30. Using Structure Free
31. Section 4 Review
32. The Notes View
33. The Smart Tool
34. The Velocity View
35. The MIDI Editor Window
36. Editing in the MIDI Editor Window
37. Editing MIDI Data as Score
38. Editing MIDI in the Score Editor Window
39. Section 5 Review
40. Quantizing Overview
41. Quantizing on tracks
42. Quantizing in the MIDI Editor window
43. Quantizing in the Score Editor window
44. Working with MIDI Clips
45. Section 6 Review

Music - Applications - Reference - Mac Apps - Nonlinear Educating Inc - Course For Pro Tools 10 105 - Exploring Midi
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Course For Pro Tools 10 105 - Exploring Midi
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