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Course for Reason 6 202 - Buffre

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Course for Reason 6 202 - Buffre description
G.W. Childs is back *beating up the beats* with Buffre, the new Propellerhead Rack Extension in Reason 6.5. See how this live performance plugin stutters, glitches and destroys any audio in its path in this brutally deep, 22-tutorial course...

Reason Rack Extensions are here, so we assigned our favorite Reason plugin audio genius, G.W. Childs, to plunge into Buffre, exploring all of its dark secrets, and making sense of this dangerous glitch machine*s psychotic sound-making capabilities.

In this 22-tutorial course you*ll learn the basics of creating stutter and glitch effects with Buffre. But then G.W. takes you down those forbidden, electronic, circuitous pathways where only the bravest of arcane audio manglers dare to descend. Here you*ll hear and witness all the gory sonic details as the unafraid G.W. devours every tasty audio morsel the PEFF design team packed into this nasty little plugin!

So check out this course to get the most out of Buffre*s extensive hit list of audio destruction techniques. Watch and see Buffre*s remarkable real time performance capabilities and CC controls in action. And finally, learn some hot and dirty tips from the master sound demolition expert, G.W. Childs, as he reveals some of his diabolical tips taken directly from that forbidden black book he keeps locked in the hidden closet in the back of his studio!

And if you want to explore more of Reason and all of its amazing capabilities, check out the largest collection of professionally-created Reason courses below!

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Getting Started with Buffre
3. How Octave 1 and MIDI Controller Work
4. Exploring Octaves 2 and 3
5. Looking at Octave 0
6. Length Sweep and Pitch Bend
7. Your Mod Wheel and Bit Crush
8. The Manual Button Length Knob
9. Using Buffre with the Matrix
10. The Matrix Curve and Buffre*s Pitch
11. One Shot Mode in Buffre
12. The Reverse Mode
13. Buffre for Leads - Part 1
14. Buffre for Leads - Part 2
15. Buffre for Leads - Part 3
16. Buffre for Vocals - Randomize Knob
17. Make a Break with Buffre
18. Using Buffre with Rapping
19. Intro to Master Section & Combinator
20. Programming the Master Section
21. Using Master Section for Playback
22. Conclusion

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Course for Reason 6 202 - Buffre
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