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Course For Reason 6 203 - The Echo

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Nonlinear Educating Inc.
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Course For Reason 6 203 - The Echo description

New to Reason*s Rack is The Echo, The Echo, The Echo... Watch G.W. Childs show you how he manipulates this *echological* new plugin to create all kinds of *out there* audio effects...
Reason*s latest plugin, The Echo, combines modern delay algorithms with the classic sound of analog tape. In this tutorial, our favorite Reason Raconteur, G.W. Childs tells the story of The Echo and its historical origins. Then you*ll see how it works and how you can control it to add some very cutting edge audio effects to electrify your productions.

G.W. always has an original take on all things audio! This tutorial is no exception. You*ll watch how he takes The Echo and transforms it into a keyboard controllable *Stutter Edit* device. It*s like G.W. meets BT! (I*d like to see that smack down!)

So join one of MPV*s most entertaining tutorialists as he teaches you the essence of *echology* in this exposA© on Reason*s, The Echo!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to The Echo
2. Using the Echo as a Basic Delay
3. Color and Filter
4. Modulation and LFO
5. Feedback Section
6. Ping Pong
7. Trigger Mode
8. Echo Roll-Stutter
9. Breakout Jacks
10. Stutter Device
11. Stutter with Note Scaling
12. Stutter Device with Mod Wheel
13. Pattern-based Stutter Combinator
14. Triggered Mode and Ducking
15. Roll Mode techniques
16. Using Filter to thin Vocal Echos
17. Conclusion

Music - Applications - Reference - Mac Apps - Nonlinear Educating Inc - Course For Reason 6 203 - The Echo
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Course For Reason 6 203 - The Echo
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