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Course For Reason's Thor

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Course For Reason's Thor description
Lightening strikes and thunder rolls as G.W. Childs explores the vast depths of Reason' awesome Master of All Synths: Thor! Thor is the biggest, baddest synth in the Reason rack and Thor' sonic secrets, for the first time, are unveiled, uncovered and revealed by veteran Thor sound designer G.W. Childs. Learn every nook and cranny of Thor' mysterious synthesis components including: - The Mod Matrix - Control Voltages - All of those oscillators and filters - The Step Sequencer ...and much, much more... While Thor is a very advanced synthesizer, it is built around basic synthesizer modules. G.W. takes you through the Thor' complex kingdom, knob by knob, diving beneath the GUI, uncovering the sonic mysteries of this divine virtual synth. If you're new to sound design, this couldn't be a better time to learn, as this Thor series is built for the new sound designer and clarifies basic sound design principals, synth components, and what they do. If youa€™re an experienced synthesist, this tutorial will inspire you to dig deeper into the depths of this divine synth. A wise man once said, It takes a master to teach a master and that' why mPV' master synthesist G.W. Childs was recruited to teach you all about this omnipotent synth. So Join G.W. on an aural journey into the kingdom of the mythological Master of All Synths: Thor Table of Contents: 1. Introduction of Thor 2. Modular Synthesis Concept 3. Opening Thor 4. Loading a patch 5. Thor' Unique Polyphony Settings 6. Keyboard Modes 7. Portamento 8. Rotaries and Buttons 9. Sound Design - Quick Bass Patch 10. Explanation of Oscillators in Synthesis 11. Changing Oscillators In Thor 12. Analog Oscillator 13. Wavetable Oscillator 14. Phase Modulation Oscillator 15. FM Pair Oscillator 16. Multi Oscillator 17. Noise Oscillator 18. Modulation Capabilities between Oscillators 19. Routing Secondary and Third Oscillators 20. Sound Design: Basic Multi-Oscillator Patch 21. Explanation of Filters within Synthesis 22. Filter Slots and their Strategies 23. Low Pass Oscillator 24. State Variable Filter 25. Comb Filter 26. Formant Filter 27. Envelopes 28. Filter Drive 29. The Shaper 30. Sound Design Exercise: Filter Kick 31. Introduction to LFOs 32. Thor' Unique LFOs 33. Introduction to the Modulation Matrix 34. Envelopes can be LFOs Too - Global Envelope 35. Assignable Inputs and Outputs 36. Sound Design- Thor Effect Combinator 37. Introduction of Thor' Sequencer 38. More than Just a Melodic Source 39. Sequencer Modes 40. Sound Design - Thor as Arp Like Device 41. Assignable Modulation Outputs in Thor and Sequencer... 42. Conclusion
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Course For Reason's Thor
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