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Course for Sibelius Jazz Quintet Project

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Course for Sibelius Jazz Quintet Project description

Explore the art of notating jazz charts. See the notational power of Avid*s Sibelius 7 with renowned composer/arranger Thomas Goss...

In the third course of this 5-part series, Sibelius 7 Master Thomas Goss tackles jazz, with its intricate melodies, special articulations and chord notations. In this course, hipster Goss has arranged an original jazz quintet to help you on your way to becoming a jazz notation ninja.

First you*ll listen to and study his 2-part composition. Then you*ll dive right in as he guides you through the various levels of jazz notation. You*ll learn notes and chords, dynamics and phrasing, text expressions, and inputting complex chord symbols. You*ll also get some neat notation tricks to help you with tempo changes and instrument changes in Sibelius.

Table of contents:

1. Setting Our Parameters
2. Auditioning Movement - Part 1
3. Listening to Movement - Part 2
4. Preparing for 2 Different Approaches
5. Jazz Score Templates
6. Changing Instruments
7. Finishing Setup and Saving
8. System Object Positions, and Dragging Barlines
9. Title Page Text, Subtitles, and Instrument Names
10. Panorama View, Minimizing Ribbon, and Textures
11. Review: Sticky Tuplets, Duplicating, and more
12. Transposing Instruments and Slides
13. Multiple Staff Input, Rehearsal Marks, and Reviewin...
14. Mixer and Smart-Knobs
15. "Select More", Reviewing Tempo Text, and Adjusting ...
16. Fermatas
17. Tabulature Input Using the Fretboard Panels
18. Introduction to Drum Set Notation
19. Drum Set Notation Input
20. Advanced Chord Symbol Input - Part 1
21. Adding Multiple Bars and More Tempo Text
22. Metric Modulation
23. Tremolo Beams and Inputting 3rd Voice
24. Symbols and Technique Text
25. Introduction to the Tenor Clef
26. Capture Idea
27. Swapping Voices
28. Inverting Notes
29. Some Quirks, Tricks, and Traps
30. Changing Instruments and Section End
31. Exporting and Rewriting Custom Manuscript Paper
32. The Structure and Parameters of a Jazz Chart
33. Transposing Score and Focus on Staves
34. Pasting Ideas, Halving Note Values and Jazz Articul...
35. Slash Marks on Bass Part
36. Adv. Chord Symbol Input - Part 2
37. Structure and Chord Symbol Transposition
38. Drum Chart: Repeat Bars and Cues - Part 2
39. Planning the Piano Chart
40. Advanced Chord Symbol for Piano
41. Slash Marks and Snap Positions
42. Repeat Text and Splitting Bars
43. Appending Files & Bar Number Change
44. Understanding Dynamic Parts
45. Formatting Parts
46. Editing Parts
47. Final Proofing, Exporting Score & Parts
48. Summing Up and What*s Ahead

Music - Nonlinear Educating Inc Macprovideo Com - Course For Sibelius Jazz Quintet Project
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Course for Sibelius Jazz Quintet Project
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