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Course For Stutter Edit

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Course For Stutter Edit description
St-St-St-St Stutter Edit: Explored is here! Star mPV trainer and audio mangler, Bill Burgess demonstrates the audio chopping power of this amazing new plugin from BT and iZotope!

Slicing and dicing audio into microscopic fragments and then processing and filtering the slices in real time is what Stutter Edit is all about. This bad-boy plugin by iZotope and BT (who, btw, invented and popularized the stutter edit technique) is like having a MIDI controlled blender to completely chop and reassemble your audio in real time.

Stutter Edit is and deep and powerful. ThatA?a‚¬a„?s why we chose our deepest and most powerful trainer, Bill Burgess, to lead you through the many detailed functions of this audio/MIDI mind bender. Bill starts out with the intricacies of how to incorporate Stutter Edit into several different DAWA?a‚¬a„?s including! Logic, Protools and Live. From there he continues with a detailed overview of Stutter EditA?a‚¬a„?s GUI and functionality. Next is a highly disciplined examination of each and every module and how it contributes to the three dimensional whole.

But that's just beginning. Here's the down low: Bill has known BT since 2006, and his reputation for discovering, and teaching the undocumented and less traveled pathways of audio software is well established. So when Bill Burgess is personally interested in a piece of software, AND he comes out of hiding to teach it, we owe it to ourselves to sit back, pay attention and listen up!

So if you want to get your creative juices flowing in ways that you never thought possible, join Bill Burgess as he takes you on an audio odyssey through the slice and dice world of iZotopeA?a‚¬a„?s new (canA?a‚¬a„?t-live-without) plug-in: Stutter Edit.

Table of Contents:

1. How Stutter Edit Breaks The Mold
2. Using Stutter Edit Without MIDI
3. Setting Up Stutter Edit in Logic 9
4. Setting Up Stutter Edit in Live 8
5. Setting Up Stutter Edit in Pro Tools 9
6. Interface Overview
7. Range & Curve Controls
8. Advanced Module Controls
9. The Difference Between Gestures, Banks & Presets
10. Modify And Save A Preset
11. Modify And Save A Gesture
12. Stutter Matrix
13. Stutter Quantize
14. Gesture Length & Quantize
15. Buffer Position
16. Gate Width & Jump Pan
17. Stereo Delay & Delay Band-Pass
18. Lo & Hi Pass Filters
19. Bit Reduction, Lo-Fi & Gain Modules
20. Generator Interface
21. Generator Gesture Length
22. Hacking Into The Noise Table
23. Gain & Pitch
24. Lo-Fi & Stutter Gate Send
25. Band Pass Filter & Delay
26. Global Filter
27. Timeline Override
28. Recording Timeline Override & Filter Moves
29. Using MIDI Arpeggiators
30. Using MIDI Patterns
31. Using Multiple Stutter Edit On Buses & Sends
32. Crossfading Between Stutter EditsA‚A
33. Recording MIDI & Audio in Live
34. Recording MIDI & Audio in LogicA‚A
35. Recording MIDI & Audio in Pro Tools

Music - Applications - Reference - Mac Apps - Appdesigner Com Inc - Course For Stutter Edit
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Course For Stutter Edit
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