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Course for WaveLab 103 - Analysis, Tools and Master Section

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Course for WaveLab 103 - Analysis, Tools and Master Section description

Audio expert Matthew Loel T. Hepworth is back and exploring WaveLab 7's fantastic collection of Analysis and Mastering tools. Learn Steinberg's WaveLab and brush up on your Mastering techniques all at the same time in this powerfully informative course...

Musicians and sound engineers experience all kinds of music from simple and organic acoustic songs to full-blown synthesizer-rich productions. The challenge is to bring out the best in each of these vastly different genres in the mastering process. So how do we live up to that challenge? How do we make sure that every song reaches its sonic nirvana? The answer is: Master the tools in WaveLab 7!

In this mastering and audio analysis adventure, Matthew Loel T. Hepworth shows you all the tools that WaveLab has in its mastering toolbox. Learn advanced Analysis techniques. See how to create a 3D FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) rendition of your audio and how to use it to achieve your mastering goals. Watch as Matthew deploys auto error detection and shows you how to set up a comparison of different versions of your final master down the last digital bit of audio. Matthew explains it all while emphasizing the importance of properly setting up your master channel's signal flow to achieve optimum results.

So get comfortable, sit back, put on your headphones and learn about Analysis, the essential Tools and the powerful Master Section in WaveLab 7 from Steinberg's North American Product Specialist, Matthew Loel T. Hepworth III!

Table of contents:

1. Welcome to WaveLab 103
2. Performing a Global Analysis
3. Audio File Comparator
4. 3D (FFT) Analysis
5. Loudness Distribution
6. The Auto Error Detection and Correction
7. The Auto-Split Tool
8. The Signal Generators
9. The Three Display Modes
10. The Spectrum Editor
11. Recording into WaveLab
12. Customizing your Recording Workflow
13. Concepts of the Master Section
14. The Effects Slots
15. Adding Plug-ins
16. The Master Level VU and Faders Panel
17. The Dithering Slot Section
18. Proper Mastering Effect Signal Flow
19. Mastering with WaveLab Plug-ins
20. Mastering with 3rd Party Plug-ins
21. Using the Crystal Resampler & Peak Master
22. Rendering Mastered Files
23. Saving Master Section Presets
24. Burning a Basic Audio CD

Music - Nonlinear Educating Inc Macprovideo Com - Course For Wavelab 103 - Analysis - Tools And Master Section
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Course for WaveLab 103 - Analysis, Tools and Master Section
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