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DBFree: java database manipulation tool

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DBFree: java database manipulation tool description
A 100% Java solution for manipulating any JDBC-compliant database. Submits SQL and displays results in a table, analyses DB structure and table content. Runs without configuration.
Similar software
Pyrphoros - ERD to Database Design Tool (Popularity: ) : (Pre-Alpha) Cross-Platform ERD to Database Design Tool built in Java. Currently Supports PostgreSQL. Not Feature-Complete.
Berkeley DB Manipulation Tool (Popularity: ) : Berkeley batabase Manipulation Tool (BMT) wants to be a instrument for opening/searching/editing/browsing berkeley databases based on provided definition. Manipulation can be done using text command line interface and also graphical frontend.
Database Migration Tool (DAMI) (Popularity: ) : Database Migration Tool (DAMI)is a migration tool used for transporting data between databases. It transfers data from an existing database with a old structure to a new database with new structure.
WaterFlea Database Maintenance Tool (Popularity: ) : WaterFlea is a MySQL database maintenance tool written in PHP. It provides a user-friendly front-end web-interface for easy database updating and maintenance. WaterFlea is easily deployable with MySQL databases.
TableDance (Popularity: ) : A web-based SQL query builder and database manipulation tool written with PHP's DBX module. Runs on all major web servers. Access ODBC, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc databases through a browser. Use GUI or raw SQL statements.
Javatt - Java Test Tool (Popularity: ) : The Java Application Test Tool runs test scenarios against other Java Application (up to a Multi-Tier-Architecture). It reads the test scenarios from XML-Files, sends Test Cases to its clients, collects test results and logs them in a result file.
JDatabase Administration Tool (Popularity: ) : A pure java GUI database administration tool that is designed to be database independent and offering full administrative functionality.
Daffodil DB- One$DB, a Java RDBMS (Popularity: ) : One$DB is Open Source version of Daffodil DB, a commercial Java Database. It is standards based, platform independent RDBMS that can be embedded into any application with minimal administration. One$DB is available in both Embedded and Network editions.
EclEmma - Java Code Coverage for Eclipse (Popularity: ) : EclEmma is a free Java code coverage tool for Eclipse, available under the Eclipse Public License. It brings code coverage analysis directly into the Eclipse workbench.The EclEmma project is also the home of the JaCoCo code coverage library which is ...
Elixir Database Manager (Popularity: ) : Java Database Manager, harnessing the power of JDBC. Makes database management interoperable. Features Database diagram generation, reports generation, graphs generation, code generation and usual database client features.
DBFeeder (Popularity: ) : With DBFeeder you can generate testdata for Oracle Databases which fits primary and foreign keys of tables. A file-based configuration systems allows in-depth customization of the type of data which is generated.
DBFW (PHP DataBase FrameWork) (Popularity: ) : DBFW is a DataBase FrameWork for Rapid Application Development and Rapid Prototyping. It allows the creation of almost complete web-based db-based applications in no more than few hours, as well as faster development cycles.
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DBFree: java database manipulation tool
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