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DDD sample application

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DDD sample application description

Domain-Driven Design sample application implementation

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Application server for PHP (Popularity: ) : PAS, Application Server for PHP, breaks down Web application in small XML and PHP files. Features : code reuse, packaging, database abstraction, easy integration with IDEs, apply M.V.C. patern (separate business logic and front end GUI).
Aurora Application Server (Popularity: ) : Aurora Application Server is a new Python Web Application Server and Framework. The main goal of the project is to provide the developer with a complete set of tools to speed up the application development process. See project wiki for ...
BulkDumpr (Popularity: ) : A Java Sound based application to do bulk transfers of audio files (WAV, AIFF, AU) via the MIDI SDS Sample Dump Standard.
Centrallix Application Platform (Popularity: ) : Centrallix is a HTML/Javascript/AJAX based rich internet application platform featuring data and application abstraction, a SQL engine for joining diverse data sources, declarative (not scripted) development, reports, components, and style templates.
DMF: Distributed Multiplatform Framework (Popularity: ) : A component based programming framework. This project is aimed to support various target frameworks. A wxWidgets based GUI application is the major sample which also provides rapid database GUI design with UML import and export (db reverse engineering).
Fast Application Server (Popularity: ) : The FAS is a scalable application server with a plugin interface. It includes a GUI Management Interface, a server, a client and some other tools. Plugins: * Chat * Backup * Check your server's status; FAS is still in development
Frijole Web Application Framework (Popularity: ) : Frijole is a distributed, Java-based application architecture built around the Frijoje web browser. Rather than having a defined state, Frijole's rich, interactive user interface renders itself according to embedded Beanshell scripts in HTML pages.
IEEE-CN iPhone Application (Popularity: ) : The IEEE-CS Computing Now Application is designed to keep you up to date on IEEE-CS Computing Now news, blog posts, and podcasts. This project is meant to be developed by the public. All feature requests will be reviewed prior to ...
Java Application Framework For All (Popularity: ) : An Enterprise Focused Java Framework For Rapid Application Development.JAFFA is a Java web application development stack, build around Web 2.0 technologies (ExtJS, DWR, JAWR) with an extensive service architecture, meta-data layer and rules engine (based on JBoss AOP and Drools). ...
Java Application Framework/GUI Editor (Popularity: ) : Java n-tier Framework and GUI Screen builder/designer, supporting 1, 2 and 3 tier mixed architectures to databases, application servers or local persistent data in files. Extensive documentation including launching from a Web Server.
DDay.iCal - an iCalendar class library (Popularity: ) : DDay.iCal is an iCal (RFC 5545) class library for .NET 2.0 and above, Silverlight. It aims at being as RFC 5545 compliant as possible, while targeting compatibility with popular calendaring applications, like Apple iCal, Outlook 2007, etc.
DDGP Grid Platform (Popularity: ) : DDGP is a simple grid platform written in Java. It focuses on distributed computing and data gathering in Internet environment. Intended for smaller projects requiring couple hundreds of computers gathered together for a master-worker like jobs.
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DDD sample application (Popularity: ) : Domain-Driven Design sample application implementation
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DDD sample application
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