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DJing With Traktor Pro

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ASK Video
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DJing With Traktor Pro description

Traktor Pro 2.5 + Traktor Kontrol F1 is a DJ's digital dream machine come true! Get in *da* house with Master DJ and EDM producer Olav Basoski and learn all about Native Instruments' powerful DJ-ing tools...
Traktor Pro 2.5 gives the modern DJ countless creative alternatives when performing their sets or crafting that perfect remix. Master DJ Olav Basoski turns on the inspiration in this detailed look at Native Instruments' amazing digital DJ-ing software and hardware.

There is lots to learn here and Olav dives right in with a tour of the interface that will get you comfortable navigating around Traktor Pro. You'll quickly learn how to cue up your tracks and, using Traktor's high-quality analysis tools and how to move around the music while staying perfectly in sync between your digital decks. The looping feature gives you even more creative control: you can loop that break and build it up on the fly to make your set as high energy as you want!

Olav also shows you the awesome Traktor Kontrol F1 hardware controllera€”a must for any serious Traktor Pro user! The Kontrol F1 really shines when using the remix decks: it makes creating loops and quantizing or pitch-shifting super intuitive.

Table of contents:

1. Introducing Traktor Pro
2. The Mixer
3. The Decks
4. What Just Happened?
5. Decks 'n Details
6. The Waveform View
7. The Stripe View
8. The Transport Controls
9. Advanced panel - Cue
10. Advanced panel - Move
11. Advanced panel - Grid
12. The Effect Units
13. The Loop Recorder
14. Introduction to the Browser
15. Browser - Track collection
16. Browser - Playlists
17. Browser - iTunes
18. Entering Metadata
19. Introduction to Remix Deck
20. Loading Audio Into the Remix Deck
21. Adjusting Colors
22. Playback Type
23. Trigger Type
24. Adjusting Speed
25. Controlling Pitch
26. Using Quantize
27. Adjusting Volume
28. Capturing From Another Deck

Music - Ask Video - Djing With Traktor Pro
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DJing With Traktor Pro
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