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Loopster description
Loopster plays back audio files and lets you change the playback speed indepently from pitch and vice versa. Its great looking and easy to understand interface lets you have more practicing fun by giving you access to all functions by using just one single keyboard key letting you keep one hand on your instrument. This makes your practicing, rehearsing or transcribing experience much more comfortable.
With Loopster you can manage different bands or projects by adding your songs to different playlists. Your Loops, Locators, Songs and Playlists are stored automatically once you have created them.
Intuitively use the keyboard keys indicated on buttons for easy and fast access of all functions.

Transpose songs in up to 12 halftone steps up or down without affecting the playback speed.

Tune Songs in steps of one hundreth of a halftone to match your instruments pitch.

Change playback speed without affecting the pitch.
Of course, you can also change both tempo and pitch simutaneously.

Manage you songs in playlists.
Store and easily recall up to 10 loops and locators per song using the number buttons of your keyboard.

Modify any value (e.g. speed, pitch, loop in and loop out position) with the arrow keys of your keyboard.

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