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Mc Loud - Streaming music and movie player for Dropbox and Local or Network Files (NAS)

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De Voorkant
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Mc Loud - Streaming music and movie player for Dropbox and Local or Network Files (NAS) description
Mc Loud is a streaming audio and video player for music and movies stored on Dropbox.

Mc Loud lets you play the media stored on your Dropbox account directly on your Mac. Mc Loud features a built-in remote control, which lets you control Mc Loud either from a web browser or from an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad using Mc Loud Remote!

To use Mc Loud, you need to have a Dropbox account. Mc Loud uses oAuth authentication to gain access to your Dropbox account. This means that Mc Loud will not see your email address or password and you can revoke access at any time from within Dropbox. Mc Loud does not store or change data on Dropbox.

Performance of the Web remote will be best on Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

* Mc Loud uses TCP/IP port 8080 or 8090. Please make sure that both ports are not used by other programs *

* If the message 'Mc Loud server is not available' is shown, it is possible to retry to connect by ctrl-click or using the right mouse button and select 'reload' *

Please visit the website ( for details. For questions and suggestions, please contact

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Mc Loud - Streaming music and movie player for Dropbox and Local or Network Files (NAS)
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    Mac OS X 10.7
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price $3.99
version 1.3
user rating 5/10
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