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Jan-Gerd Tenberge
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your free webradio with finest berlin to london minimal house tech tribe electro dances

24/7 daily playlists with live sets on tuesday & thursday 10.00 pm

king brain & mr.simmons - founded 2010 by Stefan Simons (mr.simmons) & Dietmar Maier (King Brain)

our mission: delivering the finest of minimal house / techno far away from mainstream. 24/7 nonstop with live acts on channel for ure pleasure! the channel is moderated on twitter.

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abnTeX (Popularity: ) : abnTeX is a set of LaTeX macros that follow the rules of ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards). ### abnTeX A© um conjunto de macros LaTeX que segue as regras da ABNT (AssociaA§ALo Brasileira de Normas TA©cnicas).
AJIO (Popularity: ) : AJIO allows building jars from one or more classes. The created jar file contains all dependant classes from all referenced jar files.AJIO permet de crer UN jar partir d'une ou plusieurs classes et de leur dpendances automatiquement.
APHID-DocBook (Popularity: ) : APHID is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use DocBook environment. APHID transforms source documents (text or XML) into multiple output formats (HTML, PDF, HTML Help, etc.). APHID is a derivative work of eDE (
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JavaScript SQL (JSSQL) (Popularity: ) : A database engine entirely in JavaScript (AJAX) Un motor de bases de dato enteramente en JavaScript. Un conversor de bases de datos relacionales (MySQL) a una base de datos accesible mediante JavaScript (para consultas), funciona offline (CD/DVD).
JavaScriptDB (Popularity: ) : Javascript DB, es un minimotor de base de datos, escrito en Javascript, usando sentencias SQL todo ello en JS.
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