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Mix Digital Sound Analog

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Mix Digital Sound Analog description

Grammy-nominated Rich Tozzoli -of Al Di Meola, Ace Frehley, Hall & Oates fame- shows you all of his favorite Universal Audio (UA) plugins and gets them pumpin' as he applies a nice coat of warmth and punch to his mixes in this 54-tutorial tour de force...
Using an all-digital workflow when creating, mixing and producing your music doesn't mean you have to leave that wonderfully organic and "chills-down-your-spine" analog sound behind. We invited award winning mixer/producer/guitarist Rich Tozzoli to come in and show you how you can bring that warmth and punch back into your mixes, using an amazing array of incredibly powerful (and fun to look at!) plugins from UA. He answered our call by crafting this 54-tutorial masterpiece!

Like a true sonic artist, Master Tozzoli has brought his favorite tools to the party, and he*s pulled a couple of all-nighters, so...get ready! In this massive, take-no-prisoner audio course, Rich shows you why he picks one plugin over another and explains how to get the most of each one to make your tracks really speak! You'll watch and learn as Rich moves deftly and expertly across the virtual mixing board, sprinkling some carefully chosen plugin ingredients over drums (both live and virtual), bass, guitars, keyboards and even vocals, to give them that Oomph and bring out their warm, analog personality so they stand out in your mix.

So, get ready for an amazing Universal Audio journey that will inspire you to boldly take your music in analog-sounding directions you never dreamed possible!

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Track Overview
3. Drum Room Mic Compression
4. Drum Room Mic EQ
5. Snare Reverb
6. Drum Samples Compression
7. Drum Samples EQ
8. Drum Samples Reverb
9. Bass Tape Simulation
10. Bass EQ and Compression
11. Guitar 1 Multi-mic and EQ
12. Guitar 2 Stereo Panning
13. Guitar 2 Compression
14. Guitar 2 EQ
15. Guitar Solo Delay
16. Guitar Solo Reverb
17. Vocal Compression
18. Vocal De-Essing
19. Vocal Plate
20. Vocal Room
21. Vocal Echo
22. Acoustic Mic
23. Acoustic Mic Reverb
24. Acoustic DI EQ
25. Master Fader
26. Drum Plug-in Compression
27. Drum Sampler EQ
28. Bass Compression
29. Bass EQ
30. Guitar Mics Close Panning
31. Guitar Mics Close EQ
32. Guitar Mics Room
33. Master Fader
34. Keyboards Compressor/Limiter
35. Keyboards Reverb
36. Keyboards Delay Effect
37. Keyboards Rotary Effect
38. Drums Effect
39. Drums Tape EQ
40. Drums Limiter
41. Guitar Effect
42. Drum Loop Compression and EQ
43. Percussion
44. Keyboard Pad Ambience
45. Sub Bass Compression and EQ
46. Master Fader
47. SSL 4K Buss Compressor
48. 1176 REV A Compressor
49. EMT 250 FX unit
50. EP 34 Echo
51. LA 2A Compressor & Limiter
52. Little Labs VOG
53. RE 201 Space Echo
54. Studer A800 Tape Recorder

Music - Appdesigner Com Inc - Mix Digital Sound Analog
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Mix Digital Sound Analog
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