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MobileMe Button

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Corporate Widgets
license: Freeware
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MobileMe Button description

MobileMe Button (was Dot Mac Button) Now you can access all your MobileMe Mac apps and webpages from this tiny widget. Click on the left or right sides of the widget to move the widget in your Dashboard. Click on the top arrow of the widget to access the local Mac applications on your hard drive like Mail, Address Book, iCal, iPhoto, Backup, iSync and iDisk utility. Click on the bottom arrow above the MobileMe logo and access all the new MobileMe features online like Mail, Address Book, iDisk, Photo Galleries and your account info. Lots of new stuff packed into this tiny widget. Installation will upgrade the Dot Mac widget to MobileMe. For custom widget design, go to and get started.WHAT'S NEWVersion 2.2 Replaces Dot Mac Button with MobileMe Button. Upgrading to MobileMe Button will overwrite the Dot Mac widget.

Pc - Free - Mac - Apple - Widgets - Dashboard
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