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Music Theory Pro

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Joel Clifft
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Music Theory Pro description
*This app is great. I have gone from having absolutely no knowledge in Music Theory, to doing very well in all of the categories the app offers. Thank you very much for helping me learn Theory finally and making it fun.* - whoisjk

Who made this app?
Dr. Joel Clifft developed Music Theory Pro based on years of teaching music at The University of Southern California and Azusa Pacific University. His students joke, "It's like having Dr. Clifft in your pocket".

Beginner or Pro? MTP will help you learn the basics or challenge the expert. Here*s how:

For Beginners:
Note Naming Games
Key Signatures
Interval Ear Training

For Pros:
Competitive Games- post your score to compete worldwide
Ear Training Chords- inversions, open voicings Ear Training Scales - Modes, Western Scales, Blues, Whole Tone, Pentatonic, etc.
Jazz Chords and Scales (optional upgrade) - Altered Dominants, extended chords
User Reviews from version 1:

*I survived my first year of music theory with this, and am still constantly using it this year as well. It is nicely customizable and easy to use. There's a lot of material is covers. I absolutely love the ear training. It has been invaluable. Looks nice, too! This is the app to buy for Music Theory class.* - Whitney Huskey

*I love this app. It also has some challenging ear training exercises. I have bought a lot of music theory apps and this one is my favorite for theory* - Hadrian7

Beginners quickly become Pros
Users who are just learning music will be able to practice naming notes on the piano and on the staff. The help section includes instructional videos with graphics and audio to teach the basic concepts. As they progress they will master key signatures, intervals, scales and chords.

Sharpen your ears
The ear training section provides many challenges for the more advanced student. It takes a sharp ear to identify altered dominant chords and modal scales quickly. For jazz musicians we*ve included the modes from the melodic minor scale and all kinds of extended chords. There is even a tempo quiz to identify beats per minute by assigning a number to a click track.

Increase your skills by competing with others
Various exercises propel you to higher scores, which you can post to compete for top ratings. Who will be #1 in the world this month? Could be you!

Download Music Theory Pro and start becoming a better musician today!

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Music Theory Pro
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