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Intermorphic Limited
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Noatikl Free description
Soundscapes. Yours to design. You don't have to be a musician to create new musical ideas or enjoy making music. Noatikl 2 lets you create deep, fascinating, custom generative music (AKA 'inmo' music) and gives you all the power, features and breadth of control you need. With Noatikl 2 a journey of musical discovery awaits you.

Learning how to design and blend generative music is also inherently satisfying in its own right. And, once experienced, you may find it a rich new area ready for your creative exploration.

To fashion the best still requires patience, experimentation and the honing of skills. But, you will be in good company as you can tweet and share your pieces.

Download it now, play the demos and try it yourself!

PS: Try also Noatikl for iPhone / iPad/ iPod touch which has all the power of Noatikl Desktop excepting that it does not support scripting or listening voices.

What others have said:
Computer Music Mag described Noatikl 2 as *One of the best interactive composition tools on the market* and said *Noatikl is the coup de grace in the fight against creative block*. They also went on to say it*s a "Really great tool for general compositional experimentation" and "Capable of truly inspiring progressions".

Noatikl 2 users have said things like *Outstanding App and a must for anybody interested in generative music*, "Really great tool for general compositional experimentation" and "Really deep features".

OK, what is it?
Noatikl is unique. It is the evolution of the Koan Generative Music system used in the 90s by Brian Eno et al. It uses generative / aleatoric / stochastic / algorithmic music techniques we have developed over the last 20 years. It also includes an advanced and integrated MIDI, Sound & FX multi-synth for sound generation and can generate and send MIDI notes and controller information to e.g. control settings of favourite external synths, FX units and samplers.

A few examples of what can it be used for:
* Breaking composer's block
* Creating royalty free music / soundscapes: ambient, drone, IDM, EDM etc *
* Generating new MIDI musical ideas and driving external synths
* Creating musical backgrounds / washes to use in other apps
* Experimenting with generative music systems and modular sound and FX design
* Tweeting/sharing/emailing your own custom, self-contained generative masterpieces
* Creating pieces to mix together in Mixtikl (Generative Music Mixer), Noatikl*s brother
* Generatively changing external synth, FX and sampler settings
* Building your own hyper-instrument
* Getting creative with scripting
* * and simply having fun creating your own music!

* Refer to relevant EULAs / restrictions for any Tiklpak or 3rd party content used

What are the main generative parameters and what do they do?
* Voice types: Ambient, Rhythmic, Repeat, Follows, Fixed Pattern - used to generate MIDI notes
* Rules: Scale, Harmony, Rhythm, Next Note, Listening - used to constrain and filter the notes composed
* Chords: Many parameters for controlling chording and arpeggiation
* Controllers & Micro controllers: Many parameters for controlling MIDI
* Note to MIDI CC Mapping: Used to emit MIDI controller data instead of MIDI events

More info, user guide etc:

Desktop Audio Plugins:
* Not included but available separately

Support & Notes:
* Note: In-App Purchase required to unlock some features

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Your App review or rating:
* There are just two of us and we love reading your reviews/ratings - so please do leave one! If you want a personal response to any feedback or problem then please do submit it via our contact form or Thank you so much for your support of Noatikl! Pete & Tim

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Noatikl Free
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