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Nursing NCLEX-RN Q&A Review

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Xuewen Sun
license: Shareware
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Nursing NCLEX-RN Q&A Review description
* Over 1000 preloaded exam flash cards

* Edit and create new sets of cards

* Import from .txt/.rtf files to create card stacks

* No internet access required.

* Efficient way for self-test and review.

* Preloaded categories include:
-Physiological Adaptations
-Reduction of Risk
-Health Promotion and Maintenance
-Safe and Effective Work
-Nursing Concepts
-Lab Values.

NCLEX Review help you get ready for the exam now!!!


Tutorial for importing local text files:
To use the import function, please provide the two delimiters in the txt file. The first is the card front/back separator. The second is the cards separator. For example, if the content of text file reads:

front, end
word, explanation

Then, input "," as the front-back delimiter in the first field, and the line separator "\n" as the back-front delimiter in the second field. Then click on import file button and select the text file, the program will automatically create a new stack and parse the text file into flashcards.
NCLEX* is a registered trademark. The trademark owner does not endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way with the owner or any content of the application. The content of the application might include inaccuracies or typographical errors, for which the owner can not be held liable.

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Nursing NCLEX-RN Q&A Review
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