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Sonic Dimension - Expanded

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Nonlinear Educating Inc.
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Sonic Dimension - Expanded description
Here are the secrets you*ve been looking for to add even more depth to your mixes! Learn how to expand the virtual space in your sonic canvases in this new tutorial by expert mixer, Greg Townley...
Greg Townley is one of Hollywood*s top audio mixers. And to get to the top you*ve got know how to paint incredibly detailed and deep sonic pictures. In this tutoriala€”the 2nd in his Sonic Dimension seriesa€”Greg takes you step-by-step and track-by-track through *e l e g y*, a work by composer Yoav Goren, showing you how to create a mix that is truly multi-dimensional.

It*s about listening and knowing what you want to sonically achieve. But it*s also about knowing which audio tool to pull out of your box of plugins and how to apply it. And that*s what makes this tutorial so spectacular. Greg generously opens up his mixing bag of tricks and explains in detail what he*s trying to accomplish. He then shows us how he creates his awesome sonic masterpieces.

So if your mixes are a little flat (or perhaps, a little narrow), lock in to the concepts that expert mixer Greg Townley explains in this tutorial. By applying these concepts into your mixing workflow, you, too, will be able to create a Sonic Dimension: Expanded!

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Philosophy of Mixing
3. The Sonic Canvas - Part 1
4. The Sonic Canvas - Part 2
5. Drums and Percussion - Part 1
6. Drums and Percussion - Part 2
7. Drums and Percussion - Part 3
8. Bass and Guitars - Part 1
9. Bass and Guitars - Part 2
10. Keyboards and Synths - Part 1
11. Keyboards and Synths - Part 2
12. Orchestra and Choir - Part 1
13. Orchestra and Choir - Part 2
14. Orchestra and Choir - Part 3
15. The Vocals - Part 1
16. The Vocals - Part 2
17. The Vocals - Part 3
18. Mastering and Play Through - Part 1
19. Mastering and Play Through - Part 2
20. Concluding Thoughts

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Sonic Dimension - Expanded
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