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Codehead, LLP
license: Shareware
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Tabs Plus description
* * On sale for a limited time! * *

* Facebook with chat support; Pinterest with ability to upload pins; Google+ with chat support; Gmail; Twitter; Reddit; Delicious and more - all in one package. Facebook, Twitter and Gmail notifications, sharing, uploads, downloads and many more features *

Tabs Plus is a feature packed, light-weight app that sits conveniently in your top menu bar - you're one click away from your favorite social networks and websites.

Note: To add/edit/delete your login scopes go to: View > Manage Bookmarks...

* Features:

* Many supported services: az?Facebook, az?Twitter, az?Google+, az?Pinterest, az?Reddit, az?Delicious, az?Tumblr, az?Google Reader, az?YouTube, az?Google/Yahoo/Bing News, az?Gmail and many more.

* NEW: Notifications for Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. Options include, icon color, sound or popup.

* Share the page, video, article or news story you are viewing via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Delicious, FriendFeed and Tumblr.

* Interface autohiding: gets the entire interface out of your way.

* Login to your favorite sites using different accounts.

* Desktop and mini modes.

* Built in Google, Yahoo and Bing search support based on your preferences.

* News search support, no matter where you are, you can search the news quickly and save time.

* Single field for website address and keyword search.

* Automated and manual bookmark arrangement options.

* Convenient auto-hide window.

* Upload photos and videos.

* Drag and drop window sits where you want it.

* Resizable window.

* Resizable font size.

* Full screen support.

* Bookmark scopes for easy organization (ie. Work, School, Social Media, Clients, News, Personal, etc*)

* Automatic bookmark arrangement is updated based on your usage habits.

* Unlimited bookmarks.

* Working links.

* Working HTML5 videos.

* HTTPS support for security.

* Menu bar icon for single click access.

* Sends do not track headers.

* Scrolling with trackpad gestures.

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Tabs Plus
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