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Temperature Monitor Widget Edition

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Marcel Bresink Software-Systeme
license: Freeware
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Temperature Monitor Widget Edition description
Temperature Monitor Widget Edition is the Dashboard version of its "bigger brother" Temperature Monitor. It is recommended that you use Temperature Monitor first before using the widget edition to learn more about the sensor equipment of your computer. The applications are designed to give you access to all temperature sensor readings Mac OS X uses to monitor and cool your computer.

The widget allows you to select two of your computer's temperature sensors which should be displayed via Dashboard.

Unlike other widgets, Temperature Monitor is capable of processing the hardware calibration data Apple stores individually into each G5-based computer. So it displays the exact readings Mac OS X internally uses for cooling control, not just an "educated guess".

Temperature Monitor Widget Edition is the small gratis version of the application Hardware Monitor Widget Edition. Hardware Monitor is capable of displaying "non-temperature" sensors additionally.

OS X 10.4.2+

Universal Binary

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