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Immersive Album Ltd.
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This DJ description
Welcome to DJ Vadim's 'This DJ' Immersive Album*. An Immersive Album* is a genre busting audio visual concept that allows you to swipe, drag and tap your way through the album artwork and remixes. The App gives you over 300Mb of album art and extra musical parts.

DJ Vadim has become well respected as an innovator in a number of areas during his career, "a veteran presence in the DJ community as well as one of the foremost producers in too many communities to count, Vadim is never running out of ideas" (URB Magazine). In 1994, Vadim founded his own independent record label, Jazz Fudge and signed to Ninja Tune the following year. So begun Vadim*s adventure that is now approaching its twentieth year and has seen him tour across 69 countries and perform over 2500 times at with shows at some of the world*s most prestigious events such as Sonar, Glastonbury, Big Chill, V Fest, Fuji Rock, Roskilde, Exit, VInarock, Moscow Street Ball (to over 40,000 people), Notting Hill Carnival and Shambhala*To describe the man as an internationalist almost seems to sell him short.

Hard to put a peg on because he sticks to no rule-book, Vadim*s sound is not easy to describe, but it*s electronic, hip hop inspired and tinged with reggae, trip hop, soul, funk, grime, dub and bass, with elements of African rhythms, house and boogie.

*This DJ* is an album app of music taken from Vadim's latest BBE released 'Don't Be Scared'. The release celebrates change and progress, fusing technology, art and music. DJ Vadim has pioneered the way for music immersion. This DJ is made up of 5 tracks; swipe to switch between each track and use the 3-D instruments to orchestrate fades between mixes, switch vocals, add in new loops and sound FX. This DJ Immersive Album* is:

1. Hide & Seek
2. Lemon Haze
3. This DJ
4. Lost My Love
5. I'm Feeling You

There were so many features we wanted to cram into this release to deepen your experience of the Vadim Album*but we're a start-up. So let us know what extra stuff you'd like to see and we'll do our best to get it for you. We're going to update this and expand to the full album, so all feedback gratefully received.

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