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Web Condenser 3-in-1

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license: Shareware
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Web Condenser 3-in-1 description

* The absolute 3-in-1 Toolkit to speed up your websites! - with JUST ONE CLICK! :-) *

Want faster loading times for your website, with more compact files, a lot smaller in size? JS Compressor is the right tool for you.

* Ultra-intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
* Just one click needed.
* Ideal for Web Designers / Web Developers.
* Supports HTML, CSS & JavaScript (JS).

Removes :

* Whitespace, unnecessary characters/placeholders
* Single-line comments
* Multi-line comments

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Web Condenser 3-in-1
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    Mac OS X
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price $2.99
version 1.1
size in Kb 307
user rating 5/10
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