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Course For After Effects CS5 101

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Course For After Effects CS5 101 description

This App contains 5-Hours of Adobe After Effects CS5 Tutorial-Videos by

Adobe*s After Effects CS5 is the industry-leading motion graphics software that powers animations across all media including the web, on TV and in feature films. Join visual artist/musician and trainer Richard Lainhart in this detailed exploration of everything you need to know about the powerful animation tools in After Effects CS5.

Animation, like music, exists in time and space, moving and evolving as it takes you on a virtual, visual journey. Adobe After Effect CS5 is the industry-leading software for accomplishing all kinds of animations from simple text fly-bys to vast multi-dimensional imaginary worlds. is proud to bring you Richard Lainhart (filmmaker, composer and all around digital artisan) to lead you through our new After Effects 101 tutorial.

With a friendly, captivating way of teaching, Richard walks you through the essential skills you need to efficiently and effectively use Adobe After Effects. From the basics of navigating the interface, to more complex skills such as animating and using visual effects, you'll learn all you need to know to composite and manipulate 3D layers in space!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to Adobe After Effects CS5 101
2. Windows and Workspaces
3. The Project Window and File Import
4. Important Preferences
5. Imported Files and the Composition Window
6. The Comp Window - Part 2
7. The Timeline Window and Working with Layers
8. Manipulating Layers
9. More Layer Properties
10. What Are Keyframes?
11. Setting Keyframes and RAM Preview
12. Adding More Keyframes
13. Modifying the Motion Path and Keyframing More Prope...
14. Keyframing vs Procedural Animation
15. Soloing Animated Properties and Disabling Keyframes
16. Moving Keyframes - Linear vs Eased Keyframes
17. Compositing and Keying Defined
18. Using the Luma Key
19. Masking and Rotoscoping - Part 1
20. About Alpha Channels
21. Adjusting the Bezier Mask
22. Refining the Matte
23. Using the Color Key
24. Alpha Channels and Rotoscoping Sequenced Stills
25. The Roto Brush Tool - Part 1
26. The Roto Brush Tool - Part 2
27. Compositing with Add Mode
28. More Blending Modes
29. Combining Blending Modes
30. Working with Track Mattes
31. Introducing Text and the Character Panel
32. Text Properties and Text as Track Matte
33. Path Text
34. About Animation Presets
35. 3D Text Animation Presets
36. 2D Text Animation Presets
37. Global Text Animation Properties
38. About Text Range Selectors
39. Animating Text Range Selectors
40. Animating Multiple Text Range Properties
41. Adding Animators and Range Selectors
42. Enabling 3D and Setting Views
43. Manipulating Layers in 3D Space
44. Adding Lights to the 3D Scene
45. Modifying Lights
46. Adding a Camera and Animating Lights
47. Animating Lights 2
48. Camera Positioning and Animation
49. Blur Effects - Gaussian Blur
50. Blur Effects - Compound Blur and Pre-Composing
51. Color Correction Effects
52. Distortion Effects
53. Generate Effects - Gradients and Lightning
54. Generate Effects - Audio Waveform
55. Animating a Kaleidoscope Automatically With Sound
56. Stylize Effects - Cartoon and Time Effects - Echo
57. Make Movie and Render Settings
58. Render Settings - About Video Fields
59. Output Modules and Rendering Your Movie

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Course For After Effects CS5 101
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