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Course for Final Cut Pro X 205 - Color Grading

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Course for Final Cut Pro X 205 - Color Grading description

Join Final Cut Pro X expert and Master Colorist Ben Balser in this one-of-a-kind look at the art and science behind color grading in FCP X. You'll learn how to make your video look its best using a professional colorist's workflow...
The right balance of colors in a movie is an important ingredient to the success of any scene. Color can make it truly endearing, detached, engaging, or even absolutely terrifying. Think of your favorite movies... Remember their look and feel? As it turns out, a lot of it is in the colorist's hands (and eyes). And that's what this 30-tutorial course is all about: Teaching you about color and balance to craft that perfect look for your story and draw your audience in!

Apple-certified master trainer Ben Balser starts off this course with an animated explanation on the physics of light and color. Then he explains how and why Color, Saturation and Exposure team up to give your video a unique vibe. He guides you through a pro colorist's workflow and teaches you, step by step, how to apply each adjustment and why they all play a crucial role in the final output.

As his encore, our Master Colorist shares some tips and demonstrates the use of complex shape masks to create gorgeous vignette effects! You'll also watch day turn into night as Ben tweaks FCP X's color parameters to create that illusion.

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Setting Up Your Hardware
3. The Colorist's Environment
4. Understanding Color
5. Color Controls
6. Correction Process
7. White Balance
8. Evaluating Contrast
9. Waveform Luma Scope
10. Waveform RGB Parade Scope
11. Vector Scope
12. Contrast Balance Workshop
13. Primary Balance Workshop
14. Secondary Shape Masks
15. Secondary Key Masks
16. Secondary Shape Mask Workshop
17. Secondary Key Mask Workshop
18. Primary Out Basics
19. Broadcast Safe
20. Primary Out Workshop
21. Custom Presets
22. Match Color
23. Adjustment Layer
24. Overexposed Highlights
25. Underexposed Shadows
26. Grading As Arts And Science
27. Day For Night
28. Vignettes
29. Gradients
30. Blend Modes

Video - Nonlinear Educating Inc Macprovideo Com - Course For Final Cut Pro X 205 - Color Grading
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Course for Final Cut Pro X 205 - Color Grading
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