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HDR Darkroom 2 Pro

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Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd
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HDR Darkroom 2 Pro description
An all-in-one professional HDR application designed to help you rapidly and easily produce stellar HDR photos. With a user-friendly interface and sophisticated HDR technology, including cutting-edge local/global tone mapping, alignment, ghost reduction, real time processing and camera RAW file converting.

New Features:
Ghost Reduction Technology
One of the biggest problems a photographer can face when taking bracketed shots to create an HDR image is that of *ghosting*. Sometimes your subject, subjects, or simply something in the background just won't stay in one place and when you merge your images, those objects appear wispy and ghost-like. Our Ghost Reduction technology solves this problem by adjusting the final image to remove this effect and improve the quality of your HDR image.

User-friendly Interface
HDR Darkroom 2 Pro includes a user interface that's even more user-friendly than our previous versions! As always, we've collaborated with professional photographers to understand just what our users need and expect in order to deliver the most intuitive work-flow possible without compromising on functionality or control. HDR Darkroom 2 Pro really does deliver the best of both worlds!

Export to Social Media
Some photos are meant to be shared, and HDR Darkroom 2 Pro makes sharing your creations simple with integrated sharing to popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr! Now you can edit your photos, save them to your computer, and share them with your friends, all without ever leaving HDR Darkroom 2 Pro. It's fast, convenient, and let's you display your work with friends and family, or an even bigger audience!

Advanced features (compared with HDR Darkroom 2):
Light/Color control at your fingertips
HDR Darkroom 2 Pro gives you control of more than 30 parameters, so you can fine tune and control your final results. HDR Darkroom 2 Pro provides you with features such as Curve adjustment, color balance, color temperature and tint adjustment, lens correction, highlight/shadow adjustment, black/white point adjustment, and noise reduction. With HDR Darkroom 2 Pro, digital photography processing tasks can be done seamlessly and with results so good you will never need to use another application.

Fully Realized Color Space Management
HDR Darkroom 2 Pro is the first HDR software with comprehensive color space management. Our HDR Darkroom 2 Pro developers have created color space management tools with a short learning curve, but without compromising on professional level capability. Click here to download the fully-functional free trial version and see for yourself!

Visual Effects
Stretch your creativity further with a huge palette of effects that were designed with input from experienced graphic designers and photographers.

Other features:
Cutting-edge Local/Global Tone Mapping Technology:
Using our Local / Global Tone Mapping Technology, you will produce the most spectacular photo-realistic results in seconds. We offer three types of tone mapping technology to suit your needs.
Alignment Technology
Our powerful Alignment technology corrects problems with misalignment when your camera moves slightly between the bracketed frames.
Real Time Processing
Nearly all of the processing controls in HDR Darkroom 2 Pro are real time, making HDR Darkroom 2 Pro the fastest HDR processing software on the market with real time processing as a standard feature. Don't spend your time sitting in front of a computer. Get back out there and take more great photos!
Camera RAW File Converter
HDR Darkroom 2 Pro supports RAW files of more than 150 camera models, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic, as well as Adobe (DNG), etc. New formats will be included in future releases once they become available.

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HDR Darkroom 2 Pro
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