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Perfect Effects 4

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Perfect Effects 4 description
Turn otherwise ordinary pictures into unique and amazing images with Perfect Effects 4. Choose from hundreds of photographic effects that add professional looks to your photos quickly and easily, including the popular HDR and vintage camera looks. You can also recreate the look of film and darkroom techniques, add glows, vignettes, borders, and correct common photography problems. Instantly add any effect with a single click or combine them to design a look of your own. Your creative options are endless.

Perfect Effects 4 includes powerful and easy-to-use tools for professional and amateur photographers that make pictures look their best, including:

Robust Library of Effects
Enhance and stylize images with more than 290 photographic effects and easily create unique and professional-caliber photos of your own. Use effects to add popular HDR or vintage looks to your image, recreate the look of film and darkroom techniques, and more. You can also add depth and dimension with texture effects, highlight with glows, simulate the look of photo filters after the shot, and enhance detail and color. Combine, stack and blend your choice effects to create your own unique look.

Paint-In Effects
Selectively apply any of the effects from the Effects Library to specific parts of your photo with the powerful tools in Perfect Effects 4. Use the Masking Brush to apply or remove effects to specific areas and the Masking Bug to quickly create vignettes and graduated filter looks.

Basic Adjustment Brushes
With simple brush strokes, you can solve some of your most common digital photography problems with this handy brush set. Paint-in adjustments onto specific areas of your image to make areas darker, lighter or warmer. You can also add detail, glow, or more color, reveal highlights and recover shadows.

Perfect Brush
Smoothly apply or remove adjustments or effects to the specific area you're working on without going "outside of the lines." Turn on the Perfect Brush when using the Paint-in Effect Basic Brushes or the Masking Brush.

Texture Effects
Overlay and blend textures onto your photos to add unique detail and a rich quality that cannot be captured in camera. Perfect Effects 4 includes texture effects that simulate fabric, metal, elements from nature, paper, concrete, brick, and effects only previously possible from the darkroom.

Borders and Vignettes for a Finishing Touch
Add a perfect finishing touch to your image with a creative collection of more than 75 borders and vignettes available in your Effects Library.

Saved Presets
Make adjustments to any of the effects in Perfect Effects 4 or create your own from effects you*ve combined and save them to use again and again. You can share them with others and use ones shared with you, such as the additional FREE presets available at

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Perfect Effects 4
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