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24U Phone Companion

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24U Phone Companion description

The only cross-platform telephony integration for FileMaker Pro24U Phone Companion ties FileMaker Pro to your PBX to give your database solution a full control over your phone.Main features: * Get a client on phone with a click * Answer a client's call with a click * Find calling client's info instantly * Log incoming, outgoing, and missed calls How it works:24U Phone Companion allows FileMaker solutions to interact directly with supported PBX (telephone switches). This plug-in allows you (your solution) to do all the following things without even touching your phone: * Dial a phone number from your phone * Accept an incoming phone call * Hang up a call in progress * Run a script when an incoming call is transfered to your phone * Instantly lookup the caller's record in your contacts database * Run a script when a call is accepted/missed/hang up * Check the current status of your phone line * 24U Phone Companion uses 24U Phone Companion Server (ilink TeamCall Lite) as its middleware to talk to your PBX. Thanks to TeamCall Lite, all the following PBX brands are currently supported by 24U Phone Companion: o Aastra DeTeWe o Alcatel o Auerswald o Avaya o Cisco o Deutsche Telekom o Ericsson o NEC o Panasonic o Siemens Some telephone switches require the middleware to be installed on a Windows PC. Detailed list of supported PBX models and operating systems is listed in the documentation accompanying the plug-in. Support for other brands and models may be possible to add on demand. Please contact 24U or your local 24U Phone Companion implementation partner to check 24U Phone Companion's compatibility with a specific telephone switch.

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    Mac OS X
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version 1.0.1
size in Kb 7,987
user rating 5/10
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