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license: Freeware
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Ensemble2 description

Ensemble is an RSS/Atom reader for Mac OS X.

RSS0.9x/1.0/2.0 Atom0.3/1.0 correspondence
PodCast/VideoCast/PhotoCast (RSS2.0 Enclosure) correspondence
2-4 pane change
The tub (the box) with managing the summary of the feed
Network crossing over same period of database (mac/FTP by way of)
The custom paste board which can be copied with the optional format
Contribution to social book mark service
Smart list
Past record management
Tag attaching to entry
ON/OFF of protection and flag every of entry
Entry analysis
Comment extraction
Track/truck back extraction
Text extraction
OPML input/output
Default RSS leader correspondence
Growl correspondence

Universal Binary

Atom Reader
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supported os's
    Mac OS X 10.4
downloads 7
version 0.6.1
size in Kb 2,867
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