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HabloApp Inc
license: Freeware
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HabloApp description

HabloApp is a messaging application that does more to keep you in touch a€” it lets you access your Facebook and Twitter accounts (if your contact has one), have private chats, and more, from whatever device you*re on.

Contacts. Always synched.

When you use your Dashboard on your iOS device, all your friends from Facebook or people you follow on Twitter are automatically added as your contacts. They automatically appear on all your other devices, including your Mac, PC or on the Web.

If you set one as a private contact on one device, he will be set as private on all the others. No worries, it*s simple as that.

As your friends start to use HabloApp you will notice by the bubble speech that appears over their picture. No need to search, call, nothing. Just invite them and start chatting online

Privacy, please!

HabloApp takes data security and the privacy of your personal information very seriously, all HabloApp features are designed with your privacy in mind.

In fact, HabloApp protects your data with the same level of security used by major financial institutions. Thus, you can spend your time with no worries.

If you are chatting on private mode or you set a chat as private, this chat only be visible when you are on private mode. The private mode is protected by another password. if a wrong password is used, HabloApp only shows an empty list (chats and contacts). No wrong password warnings, nothing. You can share documents4, pictures, videos and location, all with privacy. Everything to keep your private things, private.

Yes! Private contacts.

HabloApp makes easy to have privacy. You can have private contacts. Just set a contact as private and you are good to go. it*s simple as that. When you set a contact as private, if someone tries to access it using a wrong password, HabloApp only show an empty list. No wrong password warnings, nothing. Everything to keep your contacts really private.

NO SMS - No uncertainty

HabloApp uses its own technology together with the Push systems to securely deliver your messages.

The sender will always know when the recipient reads the message, there is no way to disable this feature. HabloApp guarantees that the message is delivered to the other HabloApp user.

Got any unwanted message? Just block the sender. No worries about Spam. You do not even get the message once the sender is blocked. You do not need to be online or offline. HabloApp is always ON.

You can start a conversation on your iPhone, continue it on your iPad and end it on the Web. Until you delete it, it will be always ON, always online.

iPad users have one extra thing. A private browser. Browse the internet while you check your social network. Do not miss any chat, just browse while talking to someone. As it does not save your history, just browse all over and when you leave it, no history is saved. Totally private.

The screen is not big enough? Use the full screen browser with just one click. Share links straight from the Browser.

HabloApp is and it will ALWAYS be FREE!

Social Networking - Habloapp - Habloapp Inc
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