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Digital Cohesion
license: Shareware
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iNetCourier description
iNetCourier was designed to make file transfer simple and easy. There are three main limitations people encounter with ordinary FTP when transferring files. The first problem is that each person transferring files to the server needs to have an FTP client, and they need to understand how to use it. The second problem is that when files are sent to an FTP server, the server does not notify anyone the files have arrived. The third problem is that many organizations do not have a full time system administrator to manage the often complicated task of running an FTP server. iNetCourier addresses all of these problems.

First, only a web browser is needed to transfer files with iNetCourier. This makes it easy for someone unfamiliar with FTP to upload a file. Second, each time a file is uploaded, iNetCourier sends an email to the designated addresses to notify someone that files have arrived. This can save a lot of time and energy that is wasted by constantly checking the FTP server to see if that important file has arrived. Third, iNetCourier has a simple and easy to use interface for managing transfer sites and accounts. You don't need to be a full time system administrator to set up and use iNetCourier.

iNetCourier is simple to setup and easy to use: By following the documentation, a transfer site can be up and running in as little as 10 minutes.
No specialized client software is needed: iNetCourier allows client machines to log-on and transfer data via any current web browser.
Quick and easy file upload and download: iNetCourier’s simple client interface makes it easy to transfer files over the internet.
Built-in Notification System: Never overlook a client’s newly submitted file. The built-in notification system sends an email alert when a file has been successfully uploaded.
Communication from the client: No more mystery files uploaded to the server. The client may submit a note or set of instructions to be included in the notification email alert.
Enhance customer relationships: Create and manage a dedicated transfer site for each customer.
Customizable client interface: Easily customize the interface to match the company’s existing website or to reflect the individual customer it represents.

There are three versions of iNetCourier available:
iNetCourier Lite - Allows up to 5 customizable transfer sites, $69
iNetCourier Standard - Allows up to 15 customizable transfer sites, $129
iNetCourier Enterprise - Allows unlimited customizable transfer sites, $249

Limitations: Only 20 launches of the demo are allowed. Each launch is limited to 1 hour of run time. You may only create 1 transfer site

Network Requirements:
iNetCourier requires a functioning internet connection with a publicly accessible IP address.

Server Requirements:
OS X 10.1.5 or later
Internet Connection

Client Requirements:
iNetCourier allows client machines, Mac or Windows, to log-on and transfer files via any current web browser.
Safari, Netscape, Mozilla or Internet Explore
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    Mac OS X 10.1
downloads 3
price $69.00
version 1.2.9
size in Kb 4,813
user rating 5/10
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