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IPNetRouterX description

IPNetRouterX is a powerful router, firewall, and network management utility including NAPT with inbound port mapping, a built-in DHCP Server, AirPort configuration tool, bandwidth allocation, and bandwidth accounting.

Using IPNetRouterX you can share a network connection among multiple users, provide DHCP service, configure an AirPort software base station, allocate network bandwidth to match business priorities, audit network usage, and secure your LAN against undesirable traffic or network abuse.

Summary of Key Benefits: Compared to UNIX natd and ipfw, the standard Internet sharing and firewall included with Mac OS X, IPNetRouterX offers several advantages:
Excellent performance using in kernel single address space AVL search trees.( Excellent compatibility. As a shared resource, UNIX ipfw is often configured by multiple programs with conflicting models. IPNetRouterX does not use or depend on ipfw leaving it available for other UNIX software. IPNetRouterX's second generation NAT design includes many refinements not always available in other implementations.( Flexible configuration, logging, and notification options.
IPNetRouterX supplements and is fully compatible with Apple's own firewall in OSX while providing additional capability to solve network problems users may encounter.

IPNetRouterX includes the complete IP filtering engine from IPNetSentryX, extending its flexibility to the entire LAN.

Universal Binary

Monitor - Ping - Caller Id - Whois - Testing - Filtering - Voip - Macintosh - Apple - Ethernet - Nat - Bluetooth - Dhcp - Tcp Ip - Macintosh Network Utilities - Phone Amego - Keyclick - Landline - Google Voice - Ns Lookup - Snmpd
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