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iUSBCam (was iChatUSBCam)

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ecamm network
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iUSBCam (was iChatUSBCam) description

iUSBCam is an add-on for iChat which allows you to use a USB webcam for video conferencing. It also enables Chat video conferencing on Macs which otherwise fall below Apple's system requirements for conferencing.


<li> Use most USB webcams with iChat.
<li> Videoconference on a computer that iChat does not support.
<li> Adjust camera settings like brightness and contrast.
<li> Use a DV camera on a G3.
<li> Adjust all iSight settings.
<li> Videoconference using your screen as a video source.
<li> Easily switch between available video sources.
<li> Change Your Video Source:
iUSBCam adds "Change Video Source..." to the "Video" menu. This lets you quickly switch between available cameras.
<li> Complete Video Settings Panel:
iUSBCam adds a "Show Video Settings" menu item to the "Video" menu. You can use the video settings panel to adjust camera settings such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, and saturation. When using an iSight, many other settings will be available. Also, with some USB drivers, the "More Settings..." button will allow you to adjust camera-specific features such as face tracking.
<li> Broadcast Your Screen:
iUSBCam will allow you to use your screen as a video source. Choose "Change Video Source" and select "Screen View". The Screen View option is available even when no camera is connected.

OS X 10.4 or later
iChat AV 2.0 or higher.
A USB webcam (or other video source) with Mac compatible drivers.

Universal Binary

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