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Kenbushi Lite

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Lava Software
license: Freeware
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Kenbushi Lite description

Kenbushi is a powerful Digital Media Jukebox which puts your library of movies, TV shows, music and other media at your fingertips for easy browsing, fast searching and instant playback.

Kenbushi can be used to manage media on your Mac or PC, but it can also convert any computer into a media center with InternetTV which connects directly to your existing TV or home theatre system. It includes a Secure Data Backup system and easy File-Sharing over LAN or Internet.

A complete Internet TV system for your livingroom
200+ channels of free high-quality content
Powerful, gorgeous full-screen media control
Plays all types of movies (avi, divx, H264, etc.)
Plays all music, including purchased iTunes songs
Auto media player selection (VLC, Quicktime)
Store media across any number of hard disks
Converts old computers into media servers
View slideshows wirelessly on PSP, DS or PPC
Backup your data regularly to keep it safe
Works on wireless and wired networks
Transfer files between Windows, Mac and Linux
Control media playback wirelessly with your PDA
Remotely synchronize folders via LAN or Internet
Share files with your friends over the Internet
Versions for Windows, MacOS X (Linux soon)

Feature List:

Digital Media Jukebox

? Plays movies, TV shows, vidcasts and music videos full-screen
? Loads multimedia players, mobile phones and USB memory sticks with media
? When playing music, track title, artist and album information is displayed
? Supports a very wide range of media formats including MP3, DivX and H264
? Wireless remote control using any PDA with Wi-Fi (eg. Pocket PC, etc.)
? Skipmarks(TM) system allow segments of movies to be bypassed
? Remote media file and folder searching by file or folder name or media type
? Can turn any Windows, MacOS or Linux computer into a media center PC
? One computer can control media playback on multiple remote computers
? Multiple bookmarks can be set for each media item
? Playlist shuffle and looping
? Playlists can be created instantly
? Note: Remote media playback control is not offered on MacOS Classic version

Wireless Slideshow Viewer

? View wireless slideshows using any PDA with Wi-Fi (PSP, DS, PPC, etc)
? Automatic high-quality scaling of slideshow photos to suit any PDA screen size
? Optional automatic rotation of photos to maximize screen viewing area on a PDA
? Organize slideshows on your computer - no need to resize and upload to PDA
? Any number of slideshows can be created/viewed without using PDA memory
? The interval between slideshow photo changes is user selectable
? Slideshow viewing works on any PDA or computer web browser

Cross-Platform File Sharing

? Perfect for home, school or office networks
? File access is protected by highly secure 896-bit encryption
? Works over wired and wireless LANs, as well as over the Internet
? Swap movies, photos or music with friends and family via the Internet
? Transfers between computers can be stopped and resumed at any time
? Any files, folders or disks on your computer can be selected for sharing
? Clear, centralized control of shared files and folders helps improve security
? File transfers can be verified, to ensure files are not corrupted during transfer
? Easy Internet setup of dispersed LAN workgroups (eg. students at Universities)
? Any folder can be Web-enabled, allowing it to be accessed by any web browser
? Users can be set to act as workgroup hubs, for easy LAN workgroup segregation
? Virtual Private Network function offers encrypted transfers (Pro Edition only)
? Protects data transfers from snoops on wireless networks (Pro Edition only)
? Versions for Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP, MacOS and Linux (i86)
? MacOS Classic version compatible from System 8.6 to 9.2

Data Backup

? Backup plan wizard sets up a backup plan suitable for most users in one click
? Simply drag and drop files and folders to backup onto a backup plan

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