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Keywurl description
Keywurl adds simple way of performing searches in Safari by letting you type short keywords as queries. Type a keyword and a query in the address bar, and it will be expanded into a predefined search.

Keywurl comes with a handful of such predefined keywords, including:
Google Images
…and more.
And it’s really easy to add your own.

Forget the search box
Just type anything in the address bar: Keywurl lets you set up a default search that is used as a catch-all when what you type in the address bar is not an URL. Just type Richard Feynman and it will give you the Google results.
You can also create a new keyword just by right-clicking on any text field in any web page form, and selecting Create Keyword. Keywurl takes care of the dirty details.

There's no magic syntax to set up keyword
Instead, the address field shows the substitutions using nice, friendly, little blue bubble shapes. The available substitutions are shown in a separate box, and you can drag them with the mouse into the address field. Visual editing, yay!

Pssst, Sogudi users!
Keywurl is backwards-compatible with Sogudi. You can migrate your existing Sogudi keywords by copying ~/Library/Application Support/SogudiShortcuts.plist into ~/Library/Application Support/Keywurl and renaming the file to Keywords.plist.

Author's Note: The current beta does not have an installer. Apple's installer tool is something I'm not going to fight with right now. So to install:
Copy Keywurl.bundle into Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins under your home folder, or in /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins in the hard drive root if you want Keywurl to be enabled for all users on the computer.
Remember to also run the SIMBL installer. If SIMBL does not work properly, try installing it system-wide. Or, if that was what you were doing, try installing it for your user account only.

OS X 10.5 or later
Safari 4
Universal Binary version 1.4b2 for OS X 10.4 and 10.5 with Safari 3 is available by clicking here.

Universal Binary

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