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Lion FTPD Enabler

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company name:
Jeff Kendal
license: Freeware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Lion FTPD Enabler description

Lion FTPD Enabler is a compiled Applescript to enable and disable ftpd on Mac OS X Lion. Beginning with Lion, Apple removed the GUI to control the ftpd service as it is seen as a security risk. Apple wasn't thinking about users who own scan-to-ftp capable network printers and scanners. Many users send documents to their Mac by ftp. One app allows the user to enable ftpd to scan a document and the other disables it. This software does not put up any dialogs. It simply enables or disables ftpd.10/7

Intel Required

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supported os's
    Mac OS X 10.7
downloads 4
version 1.2
size in Kb 4,096
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