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Merlin Server for Mac

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important software information
company name:
ProjectWizards GmbH
license: Demo
minimum requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later
functional limitations:
Merlin Server for Mac description

Enables collaborative project management by delivering Merlin projects across a network to other Merlin users, to the iPhone or iPod touch, or even to a web browser for non-Mac users. Merlin Server centralizes all Merlin projects in one, convenient location and allows you to quickly and easily share them without having to startup the Merlin application; it’s all tightly-integrated with Mac OS X and configurable using the system preference pane.

Here are just a few of the key feature highlights you’ll find in Merlin Server:
- Publishes projects automatically from one, centralized location
- Tightly integrated with Mac OS X and easily configurable using the system preference pane
- Enables optional access to Merlin projects for the Apple iPhone or iPod touch
- Enables optional access to Merlin projects from a web browser
- Any changes made to a project over the network results in the project being automatically updated, ensuring everyone is accessing current project information. ProjectWizards presents Merlin - Projekt Management for Mac OS X. ProjectWizards prasentiert Merlin, die fuhrende Projektmanagement-Software fur Apple Macintosh unter Mac OS X, im Webbrowser und auf dem iPhone

Project Management - Education - Training - Macos X - Mac Os X - Consulting - Merlin - Coaching - Risk Management - Gantt - Pmp - Crisis Management - Project Controlling - Project Management-software - Projectmanagement Software - Riskmanagement - Method Development - Projectwizards
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Merlin Server for Mac
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