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nova media MDS GmbH
license: Shareware
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message2net phone is for sending and receiving SMS text messages on your Mac. It offers a handy interface to store and sort all your SMS. And it supports Apple's Address Book for easy contact management. * Address Book support: Search for a name and get the associated mobile phone numbers displayed in a snap without the need to open Address Book. * Multipart SMS-support: Be creative. Do not stop at 160 characters. Just continue typing with multipart SMS support. There is a limit of 10 SMS you can sent in a row, however. * Group SMS: Share your insights with group SMS. more...message2net supports sending one message to 10 people at once, so there is no need to leave someone in the dark. * Easy SIM-management: With message2net is is simple as drag and drop to copy names and associated numbers from your Address Book to the SIM-card and vice versa. Or just add a new number to your already existing contacts.WHAT'S NEWVersion 1.2.3:New supported phones: * Siemens BenQ S81 * Siemens BenQ S88 * Siemens BenQ SX1 * Motorola KRZR K1 * Motorola RAZR V3xx * Motorola RAZR V6maxx * Motorola V980 * Nokia 6085 * Nokia 6131 * Nokia 6233 * Nokia N76 * Nokia N93i * Samsung Z150 * Samsung Z400 * Sony Ericsson P1 * Sony Ericsson P910i * Sony Ericsson W200i * Sony Ericsson Z610iImprovements: * GUI improvements * Easy product activation and de-activation * Improved sorting system * Adressbook pictures used, if available * Dock-icon displays numer of unread messages * Multiple recepients are displayed and saved for a message * Send SMS messages to pstn phones (if these support this function) * general bug fixes and improvements

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    Mac OS X
downloads 4
price $12.00
version 1.2.2003
size in Kb 2,150
user rating 5/10
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