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Milk A· A Tumblr Client

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Tatami Software, Inc.
license: Shareware
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Milk A· A Tumblr Client description

A desktop Tumblr client, Milk provides a window into a world and a quiet place to compose your thoughts. Like a cubby hole, but with an excellent view.FEATURES ---------A· Multiple accountsDo you have multiple blogs on separate accounts? Login to each account once and then switch between them with just a click. A· Don't leave the dashboardCreate/edit posts, follow links, search tags, view a blog and view your profile, all without losing your place in your dashboard.A· Work offlineHave an idea for a post but no internet connection? Create posts and save them on your desktop, then post/queue/draft them when you're back online.A· Live UpdatesReceive push notifications for posts that arrive in your dashboard while Milk is in the background. A quick glance tells you the type and content of the post. A· Live previewPreview your post body without the messy html/markdown before posting.A· Keyboard shortcutsAdd accounts, switch between your dashboard, profile and likes, submit posts and search tags, all without having to move your mouse.A· FiltersIn the mood for some music? How about some video instead? Curious about what other people are curious about? Use filters to view only the type of posts you're in the mood for at the moment.A· Search tags* + 4 and you're searching tags. Step back through your search history or save tags for viewing later.A· Reading listBeen a while since you've seen a post from your favorite blog? Get quick access to all the individual blogs you follow with just a click.A· Fold Long-Form PostsText posts over four paragraphs in length are automatically folded after the second paragraph. No more clogging your dashboard with posts from verbose bloggers.A· All in one placeYour drafts, queue and posts all in a row.A· No waitingKeep tumbling while your post gets uploaded in the background.A· Simple reblogReblog without losing sight of the original post.* The following functionality is not included in Milk due to Tumblr's API restrictions:- Asking/answering questions.- Notifications (new followers, likes, etc).- Editing account settings (eg., changing themes).- Replying to posts.COMPATIBILITY-------------Milk is built for OS X 10.7+.GET IN TOUCH-------------If you have any questions or feedback, get in touch with us at or checkout our blog to learn more about Milk, or follow @Milk_App to stay up-to-date.

Inc - Social Networking - Milk A A Tumblr Client - Tatami Software
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Milk A· A Tumblr Client
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    Mac OS X
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