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Unscramble - Free Jumbled Anagrams Words Games

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Ignista LLC
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Unscramble - Free Jumbled Anagrams Words Games description

How to Play?
1. Select a level & Start the Game by clicking on the Start button on top right.
2. Touch the letters and drag to rearrange to unscramble the word.
3. Once unscrambled, LOCK the word to earn points & get next word.
4. Use BOMB to blast(skip) the word & get a new word if the words seems challenging to unscramble.
5. Use MAGIC WAND to unscramble the word for you. Lock the word after you apply Magic Wand.

Watch out for ANAGRAMS!!!If you think you have cracked the word but the app rejects it, try an alternate anagram...

BOMB - Unable to crack? BOMB will blast the word & get a new word.
MAGIC WAND - This will unscramble the word for you. Lock the word after you apply Magic Wand.
HAMMER - You lose a HAMMER when you fail to crack a level.
LOCK - After unscrambling, LOCK the word to earn points & get next word

1. Every word cracked in the first attempt will earn 20 points, in the second attempt will earn 10 points & 5 points if cracked in third or subsequent attempt.
2. Seconds left on cracking a level are awarded as Bonus Points

Play Match
1. Play with a random opponent via Auto Match on Game Center
2. Play with a Game Center Friend
3. Invite a Facebook Friend & play a match

Who Wins the Match?
1. Player with most words cracked wins.
2. When same no. of words are cracked, Player with most points wins.
3. When same no. of words & same points, Player who cracked faster wins.
4. When same no. of words, points & time, the match is a TIE

Best of all Past Wins/Loses with the same opponent are displayed which makes competing/playing match more addictive

Levels & Trophies
1. 50 Levels to play for. Each level is category based.
2. On cracking a level, the next level unlocks.
3. Bronze, Silver & Gold Trophies are awarded for each level when cracked within the displayed time.
4. Winning the Gold Trophy in each level gets you Achievement points.

6 Competitive Leaderboards - Most Points, Most Words Cracked, Most Words Played, Most Matches Played, Most Matches Won & Levels Achieved

90 Achievements & 850 Achievement points at stake for players.

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Unscramble - Free Jumbled Anagrams Words Games
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