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Joern Hartmann
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Archive Cleaner description
# Archive Cleaner Description

Archive Cleaner helps you to keep the important builds including their debug symbols and get rid of the disk space consuming older builds in Xcode.

Xcode's Archive Organizer is a handy feature which archives your iOS/OS X app builds that go out to testers or the app store. The archive is being used, for example, for easy symbolication of crash logs received from users, easy distribution via Testflight or Hockey, or simply access to previous versions of your app.

After a while your archive's size can grow to several gigabytes. Unfortunately, managing the archive and removing several older and no longer needed builds is quite laborious.

This is where Archive Cleaner comes in. Archive Cleaner analyzes your Xcode Archive and allows you to select and remove builds by filters such as un-submitted builds, builds without a status/comments or a manual selection. That way you get rid of builds which have never made it to the app store with just a few mouse clicks.

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Archive Cleaner
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