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Base64 Image Encoder

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company name:
Oecoway Inc.
license: Shareware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
Base64 Image Encoder description

This handy utility will let you encode your images into base64. Converting images to Base64, and embedding them into HTML and CSS, is a great way to speed up your website or application.

Base64 Image Encoder is easy to use, yet powerful:

- Drag and Drop image, or browse to select
- Choose Image Format: PNG-24, JPEG High, Medium, Low
- Resize image as needed
- Preview the encoded image
- Generate code for HTML, CSS, XML or URL

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Papervision 3D Image Gallery (Popularity: ) : Papervision 3D Image Gallery
First thing, thanks to Papervision for their robust and opensource project.
This is my research on Papervision 3D (open source) / AS 3.0.
It has the best 3D rendering model, so that it looks very real!

Project Note:
1) Images ...


Base64 Image Encoder
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    Mac OS X 10.7
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