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Styles processing
Whether you're working with plain CSS or with Less, Sass or Stylus, CodeFlow will handle your styles just fine with full syntax check, compiling and also minification.

Scripts processing
CodeFlow adds the ability to combine your JavaScript files into one single file, check your scripts syntax with JSHint and minify the output with UglifyJS. Oh, and if you're using CoffeeScript, CodeFlow can compile your scripts too!

Templates processing
Building static websites or quick prototypes has never been this easy with the power of the Jinja2 template engine!

Auto browser reload
Whenever you change your styles, your scripts or any other files in your projects, CodeFlow can perform a live reload in your web browser to make your changes immediately visible, no more F5!

File monitoring
CodeFlow watches your projects folders and processes files as soon as you make changes.

Built-in compilers
CodeFlow ships with all the needed libraries. Nothing to install, it just works!

Team friendly
All settings are stored in your project's folder within a single file. This makes sharing your settings with the rest of your team dead easy.

Developer Tools - Witiz - Codeflow
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