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CopyImage - Base64 Convertor and Image Uploader

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important software information
company name:
N K Barton
license: Shareware
minimum requirements:
functional limitations:
CopyImage - Base64 Convertor and Image Uploader description

CopyImage allows you to very quickly upload the current image in your clipboard to ImageShack, simply copy an image and choose to upload it as it is to ImageShack to to upload it as a JPEG to ImageShack.

CopyImage also allows you to convert your image to Base64, once this option is selected the Base64 code will be in your clipboard, ready for you to paste it wherever you want! - You can convert your to Base64 as a JPEG or as a PNG.

Developer Tools - N K Barton - Copyimage - Base64 Convertor And Image Uploader
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CopyImage - Base64 Convertor and Image Uploader
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    Mac OS X
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version 1.0
user rating 5/10
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