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DevBase - Database app for iOS and Mac Development

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Raymond Law
license: Shareware
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DevBase - Database app for iOS and Mac Development description

Are you an iOS or Mac app developer who builds apps using Core Data or SQLite and wants to look at the contents of your SQLite database on the physical device? DevBase is for you. It only takes 30 seconds to set up! Watch a screencast at the DevBase website.

You can see real-time changes of your database as you are running the app on the device. No more copying of your database from device to Mac. No more re-opening of the .sqlite file in another SQLite client after you reinstall the app. It just works seamlessly on iPhone, iPad, and the simulator. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts make navigating your tables and rows fast. No more time sinks waiting to see your database content means more productive iOS and Mac development.


For example, you build a next-gen photo sharing app. The user chooses a photo to upload, fill in the title and description, and tap the upload button. There is a bug and the photo is not uploaded. You need to figure out what is wrong. It works in the simulator but not on the device. Hmm* I wish I can look at the database on the device after I tap the upload button and before the response comes back. There is no easy solution to do this until DevBase. Better yet, you just reload the tables in DevBase. You don't need to copy the database file and use an external database app.

DevBase increases your productivity by quickly allowing you to focus on coding and debugging.


* Have to copy the SQLite database from the device to the Mac
* Use another database app to constantly reopen a new database file
* Can only look at the contents of the database after you quit debugging
* Have to re-copy and re-open the .sqlite file whenever the app is reinstalled on the device
* Or worse, you never inspect the database on the device and assume your app works because it works in the simulator


* See real time changes

Just reload the tables after every tap and gesture. You can see table content changes immediately while your app is running. You don't need to stop debugging and copy the sqlite file anymore.

* No need to copy sqlite files anymore

Did you used to copy the SQLite file from the device to the Mac in Xcode's Organizer? How many steps does it take to just see an attribute change?Forget this step when you use DevBase.

* No need to reopen the sqlite file anymore

When you reinstall the app, a new empty SQLite file is generated. You used to have to re-open the database to look at its content. With DevBase, just hit Command-R to reload.

* Designed for iOS and Mac app developers

Unlike a bloated and expensive SQLite client, DevBase is specially designed to do one thing really well - viewing database contents on the device and simulator effectively.

* Support for multiple app instances

Let's say you want to test the interactions between the simulator, an iPhone, an iPad running the same app. You can look at all of your databases in DevBase, simultaneously, to see exactly what is happening.

* Tabbed Browsing of Table Rows

Open as many tables across as many databases in as many apps as you want with tabs. Switch tabs and reload tables using the same commands as you would in Safari. Intuitive keyboard shortcuts free your brain to think about your app, not the databases.

* Support for multiple database in one app

You can now use DevBase to view multiple databases in your iOS or Mac app. If your app uses more than one database, you can view all of them in DevBase.

* Custom database name and location

Name your database whatever you want. Locate it wherever you want. DevBase handles it all in a simple plist file.

Developer Tools - Raymond Law
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DevBase - Database app for iOS and Mac Development
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